History of Sodom

Sodom was launched on August 15, 2009. Over the time it grew into Toronto’s hottest themed party. The crowd consists of the most eclectic, creative creatures of the night, drawing inspiration from a Studio 54 meets Party Monster vibe. This is a party where you can be whatever you want to be and be yourself at the same time.

The word Sodom is a potent one for queers. Sodomy laws are what were used (and still are in many countries and American states) against homosexuals to imprison and murder them. At the same time, all great club parties — the most notable being Studio 54 — get referred to with the expression “ It was like Sodom…”

Sodom, Toronto’s decadent dance party, is inspired by the queer roots of creativity and cutting-edge cultures.

Performers on the Sodom royal stage have included some of the fiercest drag artists including Ivory Towers, Mahogany Browne, Nikki Chin and Keith Cole. They have left a trail glitter, balloons, fabrics, fake blood and Crisco.

Each month Sodom picks a theme to inspire people to don their gay apparel. Vampires, superheroes, cavemen, Atlantians and angels are but a few of the past suggestions, but in the end any outfit goes at Sodom.

For a history of the biblical Sodom, click here .